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another bar-n-ranch sunset


Another evening at the bar-n-ranch in West Yellowstone


the bar-n-ranch at sunset


This was taken at Rick Ledyard’s West Yellowstone ranch around sunset. This could have been taken in my yard, but my feelings of being immersed in some incredible nature are reflected in this photo.

os x software: launch bar

My OS X software recommendation for this week is Launch Bar, a nifty unobtrusive utility from Objective Development. I’ve grown to appreciate simple utility applications, ones that aren’t bloated with too many features or looks.

This app is simplicity at its best. Install it and have it start on log-in. ¬†When you hit a hotkey it’ll bring up a small bar just below the OS X menu bar. Type a couple of letters to find something you’re looking for and it’ll search through various items such as Applications, Address Book, recent documents and more. I’ve dramatically reduced the number of apps in my Dock, as it’s actually super easy to launch apps this way.

I’ve re-assigned the Spotlight hotkey (Command-Spacebar) to call up Launch Bar. A simple (Command-Spacebar) and a “c” and “a” on the keyboard will launch the Calculator. “e” + “v” quickly calls up Evernote.

I miss it whenever I’m on a mac without it, which is a good sign of whether it is of value.

yellowstone national park


The Firehole river passes through some very active steam vents and geysers. This was taken right by a pulloff in the park

stop messing with my copy/paste

John Gruber’s post on Daring Fireball alerted me to the Tynt service that many web sites are using. What basically happens is that when you visit a Tynt-enabled web site, a javascript is loaded which feeds information of what you copy back to the web site. At some sites, when you paste the text, an attribution gets automatically added…effectively muddling up your copy and paste.

I don’t have an expectation of privacy on the web and I understand how my data can be fairly easily tracked. At the most basic level, however, it’s an annoying “feature” to have to modify my pasted text from various web sites. You can turn it off quite easily with a plugin if you’re using Chrome. If you don’t use Chrome, you can simply add this to your host file, which will direct all requests for javascripts from Tynt to your local computer…so the scripts won’t be loaded. Just add: tcr.tynt.com

to your hosts file.

iPad content

I eagerly downloaded the Wired iPad app to check out how it worked. I was disappointed with the layout and navigation. I found myself lost at times as well as innundated by an overwhelming number of advertisements.

I’m finding the translation of magazines to iPad to be underwhelming to say the least. It’s not as simple as running content through an inDesign translator in order to prep for distribution. A good discussion of layout can be found on the information Architects blog.

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